Autoplay Feature in Slots

Slots are the most played casino games for the last century and in this 21st century slots are also the most played games in both traditional and online casinos. Online slot machines are the games where you can play with the coin valued $.01 to $10 or even higher amount if you play with the $.01 coins. You can play 100 spins for a single dollar and that is an amazing feature! Today there is the auto-play feature in slot machines. If you use the auto-play button for 100 coins, the machine will spin 100 times. This feature will save your time and you can play more spins within a fixed period of time.


How Auto-Play Feature Works

Most of the online casinos provide slots players with auto-play feature. You can fix the number of spins for the auto-play and the machine will run that number of spins automatically and stop when all the spins are completed. It will show the results for that number of spins, and if you win that will also be shown and you will be credited with the winning amount.

Auto-Play Makes Slots Playing Easier

This feature can be seen in setting options of the slot games and there you will find the auto-play option. For each spin you can choose a time frame from 0.25 sec to 2 sec. You can also select the results showing option in the settings. If you want to see the result per spin, it can be shown if you use the right settings. And if you want to see the whole result after the spins completing, it will be also displayed. If you want to stop spinning when you get a winning combination, you can do that in the settings. So, you do not have to worry about playing every spin as the software will do everything for you and this makes slots playing easier than you can imagine! - your best friend in online gambling! All about slot machines and top online slots casinos to play your favorite game.
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