What are the odds of the online version of slots comparing with the land-based casino slots?

Online slots have higher odds to win than the land-based traditional casino slots. You can play with low-valued coins in online slots but in land-based casinos cannot play with low-valued coins.

What is better: download or non-download play in online casino?

Download and non-download casinos have some advantages and disadvantages. You can play immediately from any computer after you log-in in the casino without non-download feature and that is something you cannot do with a download feature because you have to wait until the software is downloaded on computer. If you use download software then you can play a large number of games and the graphics and sounds for this type are really high. Download slot is more secure than the non-download games.

What can I do if the software makes trouble after I have installed it on my computer?

You can address to the customer service of the online casino. The operators of the casino will happily help you solve your problem. They will provide exact instructions until your problem is solved.

What is progressive jackpot slot?

For regular slots, there is a fixed set of payouts. For progressive slots, there is no fixed jackpot. Progressive slot machines are linked up with each other and the jackpot amount increases as many people are playing the slots and making their bets.

Will I be paid in installments if I win jackpot at an online casino?

Playing in land-based casinos you will be paid in installments but you will not be paid so in online casinos. If you win the jackpot at playing slots online, you will be paid the whole jackpot amount in one lump but you will not experience so in offline casinos. - your best friend in online gambling! All about slot machines and top online slots casinos to play your favorite game.
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