Online Slot Machines Types

You, probably, know that all online casinos offer players 2 types of online slot machines. They are free online slots games and those that are played online for real money. Playing free games on online slot machines you just practise and gamble for no money. If you play for real money, you have a chance to win a jackpot. Playing for real money is very important as you may obtain a solid experience of the real casinos just sitting at home in comfort. Moreover you can easily participate in slots tournaments and gain valuable experience and even money.

Classic Slot Machines

Vikings Voyage Slots

These online slots have 3 reels, actually, you may also find four- or five- reel slot machines. The more reels slot machine has, the more possible combinations you may have in order to hit the payline.Classic online slots are the best option available for online players as their winning odds are supposed to be very high.

Online Video Slot Machines

Mystic Dragon Slots

The most particular thing about online video slots is that they have video reels. Modern video slots have 5 reels and 15-25 paylines. It is very attractive for many players as they may choose the number of coins and paylines they wish to play with. Video slots also have bonus rounds that make the game very enjoyable. Most online video slot machines have up to ninety symbols on one reel but this really reduces chances to win the jackpot.

Free Online Slot Machines

Doctor Love

f you are not ready to risk your money because you are beginner, these online slot machines are definitely for you. Such slots will give you possibility to get acquainted with the practical side of slot machines. But remember that playing free online slot machines won`t bring you any profit, just practice.

Progressive Slot Machines

It is not surprising that progressive slots are loose slot machines as they do have a high payout percentage and not fixed jackpot. These machines are linked into group and every single bet done by a player increase the whole amount of the jackpot. Actually, these online slot machines require you to bet maximum to win the jackpot

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