Slot Machine Strategies

Below you are provided with sound slot tips that will help you to increase your winning odds at playing slots:

  1. You have to find 10 different slots that you want to play. The types can be different by the themes or machines components (like reels, pay lines etc.).
  2. Then, play a few spins on each slot and watch how those machines really work. You can fix the max amount of money you want to spend per game and never exceed that amount.
  3. Then, choose 3 slots from the tens which make you feel comfortable. You have to learn all about those 3 slots, for example, the betting systems, the number of paylines, reels, bonuses etc.
  4. At last, make the list with most preferred 2 slots and you play those 2 games for some period of time. If you have small amount then play with lowest valued coins to play long time. If you play long time you will win not only the payouts but also some bonuses. Remember, that every player should get familiar with rules that explain how to play slots.

Specific Game Strategies

Strategies for Multiplier slots: In this game, the payouts will be based on your betting amount. Slot machine pays $20 for $2 coins. The player will win only a fixed combination for $1 bet. If you have decided to play multiplier slots machines, the best way will be to play the max number of coins in order to have your winnings multiplied.

Money Management

Before start playing slots, you must have a money management system. If you do not use a proper money management system, you can lose much more than you expect in a short time. Below you can see the statistics that will really help you to have some money management system:

  1. A player can play 600 spins in an hour and this is the average number.
  2. For 25% of popular slots the amount per coin is $.5.
  3. So, the hourly betting amount is $300.
  4. For slots machine, the usual payout percentage is around 93-94%.
  5. Your average hourly loss will be around $21.

So, these statistics shows you how much you can afford in the game to lose and you have to fix the amount you want to cost per session you play, if you fix $50 then stop when you spend all $50 and never include more money with the losing amount because that will insecure your bank roll. - your best friend in online gambling! All about slot machines and top online slots casinos to play your favorite game.
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