Video Slots Basics

These modern video slots are the upgrade version of the classic slots with 3 reels with fruit symbols combinations. The 1st video slots machine was invented in the year 1975 and that machine had 5 reels instead of 3 reels and this changed the whole environment of slots era. The name of the 1st video slots machine was the Fortune Coin and this machine was created by the man named Walt Farley. The machine was sold to the IGT and they started to produce these types of slot machines with different themes and options. From that time, different casino software companies are tried to get new themes and features with each new slots machine.

Though, video slots machines have higher number of reels than usual slot machines. In the 1st slot machine, there were 20 winning combinations but the current versions of the machines have higher number of combinations. These combinations have different payouts for different symbols. Some combinations provide higher payouts and some provide lower payouts depending on the symbols of the combinations.

Jackpot in Video Slots


The jackpots for these machines are really rare. If the combinations have 5 reels and 40 different symbols then winning odds for the jackpot are 1:102400 and that is the chance for a really lucky person. If the machine has 20 pay lines then if you bet on all of them at once, then you can win the jackpot 1 time for all 5120 times. The major problem with the slots games is that the players have nothing to do, but wait for the reels to stop and get the winnings if the winning combinations come out. In video slots the situation has changed and now different types of symbols and themes are used to create variations.

Wild and Spread Symbols

In video slots, there are different types of symbols for each machine and different types of payouts are given for different types of symbols. There are always big jackpots for special symbols combination, especially for wild and spread symbols. This kind of symbols is extremely liked by all players!

Bonus Game

Some video slots offer bonus games or free spins for different types of combinations and this is the feature what classic slots do lack. So, if you get the special symbol on your pay line, then you will get bonus games or extra spins for the symbols and that bonus will work as the real that means if you win the game while playing bonus games, you will get your payment for that, no change. - your best friend in online gambling! All about slot machines and top online slots casinos to play your favorite game.
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